Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WFSE Leg Department - Working or Just Playing Games?

Well, you could say a little of both.

The Council 28 political action staff developed a creative and fun board game designed around gaining PEOPLE power to overcome the weighted odds given to misguided politicians and mean spirited managers.

Roll the dice against a short-sighted politician or stupid manager! Contact the LPA Dept if you would like to play the game or use it for your next local meeting.

Those who have played it love it. -- April


Ski said...

Playing games. Why should you people care as it's not your money.

You people are nothing but morons who couldn't get a job anywhere else. Face it, you work for your members or should work for the members. Get over yourselves that you are actually competent and do something.

Doe said...

The board game was a wonderful and iformative way to educate new members about how the union is working hard to protect benefits and safe working enviornments for state employees. This was a wonderful idea by our political action team and I hope this tool can be expanded and used all over this great state. Kudos to all of you.

Everblue Stater said...


You're right, the staff at WFSE does work for the membership. I don't see how you can consider that statement of fact a pejorative.

Also, given WFSE's success with contract negotiations, collective bargaining, and securing strong economic packages for its membership, I would say that they are pretty competent.

OWL said...

I appreciate a group of folks that take the time to devise a new strategy to teach members. The game is innovative and the goal of winning did not mean that someone had to loose. There wasn't a competitive piece that took away from the learning process. The scenarios on the cards are based on just can't make up stuff like that.