Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Odds and Ends

- Working America (the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO) has just launched their 2nd Annual My Bad Boss Contest. It's a fun contest but it's also a hassle for me. Now I have to check this site every day to make sure none of the LPA Department staff are posting stories about me!

- Holy cow! A new post on HorsesAss.org reports that a "young woman quit DNR after being sexually harassed by Commissioner Sutherland." Included in the post are copies of documents in support of this allegation. I am curious to know why none of this has appeared in the mainstream media. Is there reason to believe the allegations are untrue, or has there been a decision made not to report on this story? Time will tell.

- The Columbian is reporting that Joseph James, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 17th LD, has been accused of disseminating false information.

- The Seattle Times published a story about Senator Margarita Prentice, Chair of the Ways & Means Committee, facing two challengers in the primary. Senator Prentice has been a great friend of the Federation specifically, and labor generally, over her long career. The WA St Labor Council is organizing a Labor to Neighbor walk on behalf of Sen. Prentice on July 26th. We're encouraging WFSE members to join in this walk and let Sen. Prentice know how much we appreciate all of her work over the years. Send an e-mail to lpa@wfse.org to volunteer.

- Finally, I couldn't resist linking to this hilarious video clip from satirical web site The Onion: "Bush tours America to survey damage caused by his disastrous presidency." Apologies in advance! -- Dennis

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