Monday, July 14, 2008

Upcoming Candidate Interview Sessions

We're about 2/3 of the way through our candidate interview process for 2008. Tonight, members will be interviewing candidates in Vancouver for the 49th LD House Pos. 1 race. Here's the remainder of the interview schedule:

July 15, 16th LD Senate, Walla Walla
Invited: Sen. Mike Hewitt (R)

July 16, 9th LD House Pos. 2, Spokane
Invited: Rep. Joe Schmick (R), Tyana Kelley (D)

July 16, 36th LD House Pos. 1, Seattle
Invited: Leslie Bloss (R), John Burbank (D), Reuven Carlyle (D) [Update: Ms. Bloss has declined to attend]

July 18, 21st LD House Pos. 2 and 44th LD House Pos. 2, Everett
21st LD Invited: Rep Marko Liias (D), Andrew Funk (R) [Update: Mr. Funk has declined to attend]
44th LD Invited: Rep. Liz Loomis (D), Mike Hope (R)

July 28, 41st LD House Pos. 1, Seattle
Invited: Steve Litzow (R), Marcie Maxwell (D)

July 29, 34th LD House Pos. 2, Seattle
Invited: Rep. Sharon Nelson (D)

Any WFSE Member in good standing is eligible to attend and participate in a candidate interview session. To sign up contact Diana Whitmore at 1-800-562-6002 or at

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Leslie Bloss said...

I would have liked to have participated in the forum to get information out regarding my State House Race in the 36th District, but I had a conflict and was given no optional date. So I will give a few words here.

I believe we need balance and choice in Olympia. This seat was previously held by someone that believed strongly in fiscal responsibility--I will follow that tradition.

I want to save the viaduct—businesses cannot afford the downtime for any other solution and I will oppose a state income tax.

We can improve education by finding schools that have been successful and emulate them.

Washington needs property tax reform--too many people are afraid of being taxed out of their homes.

We also need affordable transportation choices and to stop this "congestion by design."

I am also for "families before felons" and have been working for the last year on getting Katie's Law ( into Washington State--it is a DNA law to quickly identify felons and get them off the street and it clears the innocent. I have spoken with many State Senators and Representatives and conducted plenty of research. I’ve found that some lawmakers put up road blocks for partisan reasons. This is a very lofty goal and shows that I can work hard and make big positive changes in Washington.

In the past, my volunteer work has been generally working one-on-one (King County Rape Relief Advocate, A Seattle Crisis Line Worker and a Puget Sound Blood Donor Intake Person (I also have given gallons of blood and lots of platelets).

I am also currently in a leadership position with the Wallingford Senior Center.

I believe in pro-choice and in protecting social programs such as childcare, domestic violence and sexual assault programs.

I have a degree in Business Administration and have had over 30 years of business experience--23 of which were at The Boeing Company (Facilities, Long Range Planning, and Human Resources) and the last 5 in Real Estate.

We can all find instances of lawmakers either not listening or choosing to ignore what voters want. They are also, often not working to benefit the majority—but rather a select few. Listening is one of my best traits and it would be an honor to represent the 36th district—and to me that means “working for you!”

Leslie Bloss