Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Labor to Neighbor Walks Scheduled for Sat., July 26

The WA St Labor Council is organizing several Labor to Neighbor Walks for Saturday, July 26th. For the uninitiated, Labor to Neighbor is a program where union activists volunteer to talk to their fellow union members about labor-endorsed candidates. There are phone banks running every week (see earlier post) and walks are organized for most Saturdays.

The 26th is an important day because Labor to Neighbor will be canvassing in support of some candidates that are important WFSE targets. There are four walks scheduled that day, and we would encourage everyone to join one of these walks in support of some Legislators who have truly supported us.

Spokane: LD 6 -- Don Barlow & John Driscoll

Kirkland: LD 45 -- Roger Goodman

Tacoma: LD 26 -- Larry Seaquist & Kim Abel

Everett: LD 44 -- Liz Loomis

WFSE members who participate in a Labor to Neighbor event get a free "WFSE for Gregoire" t-shirt and a $10 gas card. Members who volunteer more often are eligible for even cooler prizes. To volunteer call April Sims at 1-800-562-6002 or e-mail her at -- Dennis

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