Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Endorsements

Last Sunday the WFSE Executive Board voted to endorse the following candidates:

- Peter Goldmark (D) for Commissioner of Public Lands

- Charles Johnson (NP) for Supreme Court, Pos. 4

- Debra Stephens (NP) for Supreme Court, Pos. 7

- Phil Rockefeller (D) for State Senate, 23rd LD

Goldmark is challenging incumbent Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland (R). Johnson and Stephens are incumbent justices; Johnson faces two challengers while Stephens is unopposed. Rockefeller is the incumbent Senator who faces a challenge from Connie Lord (R).

A motion to endorse Randy Dorn (NP) for Superintendent of Public Instruction failed to earn the necessary 2/3 vote. As a result, the Federation will be taking no position on the SPI race. The Executive Board has the authority to revisit this race later in the year, but it's likely we'll remain officially neutral absent some new development. -- Dennis

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