Friday, June 11, 2010

More WFSE Endorsements

The reader(s) of this blog know that there were only a handful of politicians receiving an early endorsement at the WFSE Endorsements Conference in April. Our rules allow for additional endorsements, but it's a labor-intensive process.

There were a few candidates we endorsed for the House and who are now running for open Senate seats, and a phone poll of the appropriate local Presidents was executed to allow those endorsements to be transferred from House campaigns to Senate campaigns. This includes Steve Conway in the 29th LD, Maralyn Chase in the 32nd LD, and Scott White in the 46th LD. We're looking forward to working with these outstanding people in the Senate next year!

We've also been conducting interviews in a number of races, and some additional endorsements have been made following those sessions. Here is what has happened so far:

1st LD, House Position #2: Our members voted to endorse Luis Moscoso for this open seat. We also interviewed multiple candidates for the House Position #1 open seat, but no endorsement decision was made.

22nd LD, House Position #1: Our members interviewed multiple candidates and voted for a dual endorsement of Stew Henderson and Chris Reykdal for this open seat.

27th LD, House Position #1: Our members interviewed a number of candidates in this race and voted to endorse Jake Fey.

In the next few days we will be interviewing candidates in the open seats in the 34th LD, House Position #2, and 40th LD, House Position #1.

Lots more interviews are in the works, and we'll try to keep everyone posted as we go. Thanks to all of the members who have participated in the interviews -- and thanks in advance for helping with the interviews yet to come. -- Dennis

PS: A running list of all WFSE political endorsements (so far) can be found on our web site here.