Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Younger Voters Agree To Let Old Folks Make All the Decisions

Ever wonder why the federal government is able to rack up massive deficits without consequence? Ever wonder why policies at the state and federal level favor people who already have money or own property, at the expense of people struggling to make ends meet? It's because younger voters have agreed to let the old people make all the decisions.

While only 42% of all registered voters participated in the August primary, voters over age 65 turned out at a rate of 72%. On the other hand, turnout among those age 18 to 24 was just 18%, and turnout among those age 25 to 34 was just 19%. It's no wonder the Seattle Times wrote that Chris Gregoire and Dino Rossi "will need to court older voters if they hope to win the governor's race in November." It's not even a debatable point. The fact is, the younger you are, the less likely you are to vote. As the News Tribune wrote, "the kids are letting the codgers decide their future."

That's the thing about elections. Decisions are made, whether you participate or not. As near as I can tell, the under 35 folks are just fine with the way everything is going, because they have made the conscious decision to let someone else do all of their thinking for them. And, on behalf of old folks everywhere, I only have one thing to say: "Thanks!" -- Dennis

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