Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Follow up to "Frodo" post

Here is a link to some polling that I found interesting and scary. This polling is particularly interesting because it combines data from most of the significant pollsters out there.


The end of Sept. shows Republican candidate Rossi pulling ahead. As was mentioned in the "Frodo" post, in a close race, state employees vote will be a key factor.

Will state employees turn out to vote?

Will they choose to vote for the Governor who has probably produced more positive outcomes for state employees than (arguably) any other Washington State Governor?

Will the bulk of state employees (not the activists like you, gentle reader) educate themselves on what the issues are, or will they float down the stream of popular opinion that is forged by campaign ads and partisan politics?

What will you, gentle reader, do to achieve the best outcome for your livelihood and interests?

What will the consequences of doing nothing be?

Unsettling thoughts on a lovely fall day.


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