Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In Case You're Interested

I frequently come across things I think would be of interest to our readers (both of you) and set them aside for when I get a chance to tell you about them. Today, I'm trying to get caught up. If all goes well, I might be able to clear off my desk before Christmas.

> New voters are registering at a record pace

According to the Seattle P-I, "New voters are registering in King County at a rate well above 10,000 a month, and elections officials expect the total number on the rolls to reach a record high in time for the Nov. 4 election." The News Tribune reports the same thing is happening in Pierce County.

> AG McKenna bails on consumers so he can better protect realtors

The Seattle Weekly lambasted Attorney General Rob McKenna for flip-flopping on a bill to protect consumers from "nefarious foreclosure-rescue schemes." Although McKenna sent out a press release bragging the new law addresses "critical threats to consumers from the purveyors of modern frauds," he then recanted that support when faced with complaints from realtors. John Ladenburg, the WFSE-endorsed candidate for Attorney General, responded by saying McKenna "is more interested in currying favor with special interests during an election year than standing up for Washington consumers."

Note: Ladenburg came out of the primary swinging, issuing a press release providing reporters with the "Top 10 Questions for Attorney General Rob McKenna."

> Republicans think they can make gains in state Legislature

PolitickerWA.com reports that Republicans think they can reduce the large Democratic majority in the state House "by at least two seats in 2008." In addition, Senate Republican Leader Mike Hewitt is hoping to gain "two or three seats."

That's all I have time to post today, but don't worry dear reader(s). There's more where that came from! -- Dennis

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