Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update On Total Contributions In the Governor's Race

I mentioned yesterday that the governor's race had exceeded $30 million in contributions received so far. Andrew Garber of the Seattle Times wrote, "supporters running independent campaigns that back Rossi have raised an additional $8 million this month. Combined with the money Rossi has raised, that puts more than $22 million behind his candidacy." Based on press reports, the breakdown is as follows:

Rossi Campaign: $9.7 million
Building Ind Assn WA: $7.2 million
Republican Gov Assn: $5.5 million
ROSSI TOTAL: $22.4 million

Gregoire Campaign: $10.8 million
Evergreen Progress: $5.1 million
GREGOIRE TOTAL: $15.9 million

Neither total includes spending by the political parties that benefit the gubernatorial candidates, so the actual totals are much higher.

-- Dennis

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