Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gerald McEntee's Call To Arms

AFSCME International President Gerald McEntee recorded a short video calling on all union members to do everything we can this election season. The video was shot in a corridor, somewhere in Ohio, and the setting and the lighting are terrible. But the message is excellent.

UPDATE: In one of yesterday's blog posts, I referred to research by the Wall Street Journal that suggested racism could be a factor in the presidential election. CNN is reporting that McEntee addressed the race issue head-on during a recent speech in Ohio.

Speaking at a labor rally in Ohio recently, [McEntee's] frustration about the reluctance, or refusal, of some white union members to support Obama spilled into the open. "When it gets real bad, and they never -- with this one -- look you in the eye, 'Well, I can't vote for him,'" McEntee told the diverse union audience. "This doesn't even come out in code -- it comes out like this: 'I can't vote for him because he is a black man. He's not one of us.' Well, sisters and brothers, when you hear that, you know what you ought to say? This is what I say: 'That is bull----! That is total, absolute bull----!'"

-- Dennis

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