Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seattle P-I Editorial: "Don't Split Ticket"

Yesterday, the Seattle P-I Editorial Board urged readers to vote for both Barack Obama and Chris Gregoire, arguing that voting for Obama and Dino Rossi "is not a split ticket that would promote effective government." The P-I wrote,

"Rossi is campaigning as an agent of change. Fair enough. But what kind of change?

He'd promote Bush economics -- that simplistic idea that tax cuts solve every problem -- on the state level. Bushonomics didn't work in D.C.; why would it work in Olympia? On the issues of taxes, Obama has been campaigning on the very idea of a progressive income tax. You make more, it's only fair to pay more. Rossi says: 'I will not support a state income tax like Gregoire does -- not now, not ever.' Indeed, if you go down the list of ideas championed by Rossi, they're closer in spirit, ideology and temperament to John McCain. There is a reason they are both Republicans.

The case for an Obama-Gregoire vote is stronger when you consider the benefits to this state from an Obama administration. Chris Gregoire was an early supporter of Obama -- her endorsement came in February -- when the majority of elected Democrats in the state were solidly behind Sen. Hillary Clinton. 'Barack Obama has a unique ability to reach across all the artificial divides and divisions to move our nation forward,' she said at the time, in words that still ring true."

-- Dennis

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tmcarthur said...

The PI makes a good point and I think this is an opportunity to give a wag of my finger to some members of the Conservative Caucus. I have heard some members say they will sit this election out (they cannot support Rossi, but they won't vote for Gregoire); I hear others say they will vote for Rossi (completely ignoring Rossi's attitude toward state employees and conveniently overlooking Gregoire's support for decent wages and benefits, and improved working conditions for our membership).
I believe these attitudes are self-serving and thoughtless. It is financial fratricide. Perhaps you don't need the money or the benefits. Maybe you think some one else will lose their job but you won't lose yours. Maybe you don't care that thousands of our members get a sense of fulfillment in public service.
I appreciate and understand individuals seeking out a set of beliefs for their personal lives and a vision for the direction of our nation. I also believe that some members of the Conservative Caucus need to show some pragmatism in their thinking. Are you really willing to risk sacrificing thousands of our members to prove a point?