Friday, January 16, 2009

The Other Washington: House Democrats Unveil Economic Stimulus Plan

Back in Washington DC, Congressional Democrats announced their $825 billion economic recovery plan. Thanks to the handy-dandy AFSCME Federal Legislative Report, we have the details:

"On Thursday, House Democratic leaders outlined details of an $825 billion Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act which includes substantial and significant AFSCME-supported provisions. As outlined below, the proposal includes spending to help avert cuts by states and local governments, save or create over three million jobs, provide urgent relief to working families who are struggling to feed their families, pay bills and get needed health care, and it invests in priorities like health care, education, infrastructure and energy that are needed for a long-term economic recovery. The proposal also includes targeted tax cuts.

Several House committees are expected to take action next week on the yet to be introduced package. With Senate Democratic leadership expected to release details of their version of the package shortly, Congress has begun to move towards delivering a single economic package for newly sworn-in President Obama to sign by mid-February. House Republican leaders have already indicated opposition to the size of the bill and spending for public services and jobs. The House Republican leader has offered a Republican alternative that excludes aid to states struggling with budget shortfalls."

AFSCME has issued a call to action urging members to contact their members of Congress regarding this issue. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-888-460-0813 and ask to speak to your federal Representative and Senators. You will be transferred to their offices where you can leave a message asking Congress to "pass an economic recovery package that provides substantial state and local aid that will maintain needed public services and help working families."

Details of the House economic stimulus proposal can be found here.

The AFSCME Federal Legislative Report is a really useful summary of what's going on in Congress. The report is e-mailed every Friday and members who are interested in receiving it can sign up here. [Be sure to check the box for the Federal Legislative Report at the bottom of the form.]

-- Dennis

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