Saturday, March 12, 2011

The War On Public Servants: Part IV

[The following is Part IV of a staff report presented to the WFSE Legislative & Political Action Committee on 3/11/11. Go to Part I. Go to Part II. Go to Part III.]

Make a Difference

Fight back against the corporate interests attacking your collective bargaining rights by making a donation to PEOPLE.

Stand with your sisters and brothers in Wisconsin by making a donation to AFSCME Wisconsin Council 11’s emergency response fund.

Support the campaign to recall eight Republican Senators who voted to take collective bargaining rights away from Wisconsin public servants.

Learn more about AFSCME's "Stand For Service" campaign.

Learn more about AFSCME's "Stop the Lies" campaign.

Lobby your Legislators. Work on a campaign. Vote. And get involved in the WFSE Legislative & Political Action program.

-- Dennis

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