Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care Terrorists Are a Riot (Get It?)

I've already written at length about the shameful tactics some conservatives are waging in their campaign to oppose health care reform. Rather than debate the issue on its merits, well-heeled interest groups have engaged in a program of deception and intimidation in a partisan effort to derail the Obama Presidency.

The chanting, bullying health care terrorists, -- who shout out their opposition to "government-run health care" while they cash their Medicare checks -- have (unintentionally) become a great source of comedy.

In a very funny column appearing in, satirist Anne Lamott writes a letter to President Obama volunteering to serve on his death panel. "I do not know when you first began to insist that Sarah Palin's baby boy would need to appear before one of your (death) panels," Lamott scolds, "but I can tell you this, Mr. President, it is not going to fly with the American people."

Of course, Jon Stewart and the crew at the Daily Show are always quick to spot the comedy in our nation's political discourse, and the health care terrorists have been a great source of material.

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And, finally, I'll give the last word to the razor-sharp wit of the Seattle P-I's David Horsey:

-- Dennis

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