Monday, August 11, 2008

News You Can Use

- Our good friend, Rep. Tami Green (D-28), may have opposition this year after all. Although nobody filed to run against Tami in June, Republicans are now promoting a write-in candidate for the office. According to the News Tribune, Republicans only need 192 write-in votes for their nominee to qualify for the general election ballot. Of course, we'll be prepared to do everything we can to help Tami if she does face opposition in November.

- A new, bipartisan web site,, is now available with extensive information about all those confusing judicial races that appear on your ballot. Just click on your county and you'll find a wealth of data at your fingertips.

- The Seattle Times' David Postman has written about how many Republican candidates are now afraid to use the "R-Word" on the ballot: "On this month’s primary ballot, 26 Republicans, including gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi, have dropped their common party identification and instead are listed as preferring the 'GOP' or 'GOP Party,'" says Postman. "It’s an obvious effort, at least on the part of some, to avoid the tarnished Republican brand."

- John Ladenburg, the WFSE-endorsed candidate for Attorney General, was recently interviewed on KUOW's Weekday program.

- has a nice overview of the 18th District House race featuring a "battle of rising stars" between Republican appointee Jaime Herrera and Democratic challenger VaNessa Duplessie. [NOTE: WFSE members have voted to endorse Herrera in this race.]

- Eric Earling of the conservative blog Sound Politics writes that the House Republican caucus is way behind the House Democratic caucus in fundraising. According to Earling, "House Republicans trail [House Democrats] 7/1 in hard money and 4/1 in soft."

- And now, for pure entertainment value, I recommend the hilarious pre-primary endorsements column from The Stranger. Granted, a couple of the Stranger's recommendations differ from the official WFSE endorsement list. Still, for political junkies like me, this was just too funny to pass up. [Caution: There are some naughty words.]

-- Dennis

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